Welcome to astm-serial documentation!

astm client with python for example arduino communication please visit our github

How to install :

pip install astm-serial


class astm_serial.client.AstmConn(port='/dev/ttyACM0', baudrate=9600, timeout=10)

Abstract class that implements astm e1381 basically physical layer with rs232 or serial connection


End the communication data will send EOT to host :return: EOT


Get the data that is ready on the device :returns: the raw data :rtype:str


If server send NAK or Not Acknowledge the client will be send EOT and close_session :return: EOT


Get the session communication in ASTM :send: data ENQ :return: data ACK


Send a command and check if it is positively acknowledged :param command: The command to send :type command: str :raises IOError: if the negative acknowledged or a unknown response is returned <STX>[FN][TEXT]<ETB>[C1][C2]<CR><LF>

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